Who we are

We work to fulfill demand of common travelers, birdwatchers, and travelers with special interest. We can help to arrange a tour with basic to comfort standards,  supply clients with any necessary information on many destinations, build contacts with local guides at each site, and arrange internal air tickets.

An Indonesian tour organizer

We are tour organizer and ground agent for cultural, social and nature exploration.We are trying to carry out responsible tourism with working area covers Indonesia Archipelago. We also provide services in organizing birdwatching trips in Indonesia’s birding areas.

In our work we are partnering with and involving local tour operators, local people, communities, progressive government agencies and NGOs throughout Indonesian in order to conduct informative, ecologically and socially responsible tours. This way will contribute to the local economy while simultaneously conserving Indonesia’s unique biological and cultural heritage and also offer a professional and authentic experience.

Politarius, The Founder

Born in central Kalimantan (Indonesian part of Borneo), grew up amongst Bornean hunters & farmers, and now lives in Jakarta. His first involvement in tourism was in ’90 when he was about 19 years old by helping a group of 20 Scandinavian on trekking on Meratus Mountain Ranges in South Kalimantan. Since then he develops his knowledge and experience on organizing tours from simple one to expedition category such as crossing Borneo from Central to Eastern. He has expanded his work by leading and organizing several different types of tours to Sumatera, Java, Bali, Lesser Sunda Islands, Sulawesi, Moluccas and Papua. Since 2012 he had helped Jared Diamond and David Bishop in every their visit to Indonesia.

Besides organizing and leading tours he is involved on a non government organization; www.simpulindonesia.org, an organization active on Indonesia ecotourism development, community based tourism, and environment campaign.

His non-tourism experience is when he worked part time on South and Central Kalimantan Production Forest Project. This is a pilot project to construct a guideline design for and assist timber concession holder to achieve certification on its timber.

Poli is also the co-founder of Yayasan Simpul Indonesia, an NGO working on community base and responsible tourism.



Founder of Go Indonesa Tour

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